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Prosenice Sugar Mill – Purely Czech Sugar Mill

Historically, the sugar mill is the result of the gradual conversion of a former mill on the Strhanec millrace in Prosenice. The production of raw sugar in Prosenice began in 1881.

After extensive redevelopment in 1970–80, the Prosenice Sugar Mill ranked among the top modern sugar producers in the Socialist period of this state.

Prosenice Sugar Mill – Purely Czech Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill in Czech Hands

Since 1992, the sugar industry in the Czech Republic has been marked by the presence of international investment groups trying to monopolise the Czech sugar industry with their financial policy. Of the original 58 sugar mills working in the Czech Republic in 1990, a mere 7 were still operating in 2008. The aforementioned trends also impacted the Prosenice Sugar Mill and led to the termination of sugar production in Prosenice in 1996.

After the sugar mill had been out of operation for four years, the Prosenice Sugar Mill premises were bought by Hanácká potravinářská společnost s. r. o. Following extensive investment, production modernisation, and in cooperation with central Moravian farmers, the first campaign began in September 2000, launching the new history of sugar production in Prosenice.

At present, the Prosenice Sugar Mill supplies to the market both bulk and retail packages of sugar. Have a look at our complete line of products.

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